The classes 3AFW and 3BFW spent seven wonderful days in Ireland (14. – 21. February 2018). Everybody knows that the weather can be quite surprising in this country – and this is what we experienced: degrees between -1 and +12, drizzling rain and freezing wind, and above all, sun and nice spring weather.

We were accommodated at Irish host families who very really nice and friendly. They prepared delicious meals for us – that was mostly pizza, spaghetti and burgers 😊 – and showed us what family life is like in their country.

In the mornings we went to school at the PACE Language Institute in Bray. We played many language games and even learnt some Irish words: faílte means hello, and is deas bualadh leat means nice to meet you. In the afternoons it was time for some adventure and discovery. We travelled to the castle in Kilkenny and took a short walk around an old cemetery and cloister in Glendalough. In Dublin there was a lot see, such as Dublin castle, the Viking exhibition at Dublina, the old post office, the Famine ship Jeanie Johnston and the nice shopping streets in town. One of the most exciting experiences were the Irish Dancing with Angela and the cliff walk along the coast line.

We spent a wonderful time in Ireland and one or two of us will definitely come back one day.


I. Schönauer

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